Staff Directory


FSU Athletics Department
403 Stadium Dr. West, Room D0107
Tallahassee, FL 32306


FSU Athletics Department
PO Box 2195
Tallahassee, FL 32316
For general athletics department inquires, call 850-645-2527 -- Vendors, please review the specific sports/departments listed below and direct your inquiries to the appropriate contact(s).
Administration Position Phone
Main Number 850-645-2527
Fax Number 850-644-7293
Michael Alford Vice President and Director of Athletics 850-644-1079
Cindy Hartmann Deputy Athletics Director for Administration 850-645-2368
Ross Cobb Senior Associate Athletics Director/CFO 850-644-8091
Jim Curry Senior Associate Athletics Director 850-644-7926
Jason Dennard Associate Athletics Director for New Revenue Generation and Marketing 850-644-4397
Rob Wilson Associate Athletics Director for Communications 850-644-5678
Vicki Cupp Special Assistant to the Athletics Director 850-644-2526
Academic Staff
Baseball Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-1073
Fax Number 850-644-7213
Link Jarrett Head Coach 850-644-1073
Mike Metcalf Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 850-644-1075
Andrew Amaro Assistant Coach/Volunteer 850-644-1073
Chip Baker Director of Baseball Operations 850-644-1071
Brandon Stone Athletic Trainer – BS/MGF & Drug Testing Coordinator 850-645-1968
Jamie Burleson Strength & Conditioning Coach - Baseball
Courtney Caswell Alumni Relations and Fundraising Assistant 850-645-7114
Nicki Bedgood Administrative Associate 850-644-1073
Beach Volleyball Position Phone
Brooke Niles Head Coach 850-644-3003
Nick Lucena Volunteer Assistant Coach 850-644-3003
Ileana Moschos Director of Operations 850-644-3003
Business Office Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-1904
Fax Number 850-644-3352
Ross Cobb Senior Associate Athletics Director/CFO 850-644-8091
Bryan Senior Assistant Athletics Director for Business 850-644-1713
Monroe Donnelly Senior Accounting Specialist 850-644-2735
Melissa Bunker Senior Accounting Specialist 850-644-3582
Wendy Byers Accounting Specialist 850-644-5259
Angelica Tabares Accounting Specialist 850-645-8886
Coaches Video Position Phone
Austin Phillips Director of Coaching Video 850-644-2390
Rob Bucher Men’s Basketball Video Coordinator 850-644-7903
David Lamb Asst. Video Coordinator for Football & Olympic Sports 850-644-9127
Adam Surguine Director of Scouting and Analytics
Compliance Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-4272
Fax Number 850-644-7025
Tasha Fisher Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance 850-644-5932
Adam Benvenisty Director of Compliance 850-644-4390
Grant Escue Senior Director of Compliance 850-645-7817
Jacob Simonis Assistant Director of Compliance 850-644-3049
Digital Media Position Phone
Layne Herdt Assistant Director 850-645-2611
Leo Georgi Creative Video Content Producer 850-645-2608
Kelsey Wicinski Social Media Coordinator 850-645-2609
Equipment Position Phone
Jason Baisden Head Football Equipment Manager
Erick Casto Assistant Director of Equipment Operations and Manager - Basketball/Swimming & Diving 850-644-4393
Dane Smith Director of Equipment Operations and Manager - Golf 850-644-4362
Dakarai Calhoun Equipment Coordinator - Indoor Volleyball/Beach Volleyball/Men's Tennis/Women's Tennis (850) 644-5943
Ricky Dominguez Equipment Coordinator - Baseball/Track & Field 850-645-0942
Frankie Grizzle-Malgrat Equipment Coordinator – Soccer/Softball 850-645-3204
Jesse Dews Equipment
Facilities & Events Position Phone
Fax Number 850-645-3278
Stuart Pearce Associate Athletics Director for Facilities & Event Management 850-644-4694
Brittany Meade Associate Director of Facilities and Events 520-360-4556
Titus Queen Assistant Athletics Director/Facilities and Event Management 850-645-7360
Adam Hamm Associate Director of Facilities and Events 615-428-3106
Taylor Wheaton Associate Director of Facilities and Events 850-228-5549
Matt Ayer Facilities and Events Coordinator 850-228-0654
Chris Denson Turf Superintendent 850-254-5073
Jeremy Artz Grounds
Harold Williams Grounds
Faculty Athletics Representative Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-7848
Dr. Mike Brady Faculty Athletics Representative 850-644-7853
Financial Aid Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-1960
Fax Number 850-644-6404
Cathy Jones Athletics Financial Aid Specialist 850-644-1960
Football Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-1465
Fax Number 850-644-1356
Mike Norvell Head Coach
Adam Fuller Defensive Coordinator
Alex Atkins Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach
John Papuchis Special Teams Coordinator/Defensive Ends Coach
Randy Shannon co-Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach
Chris Thomsen Deputy Head Coach/Tight Ends Coach
Odell Haggins Associate Head Coach/Defensive Tackles Coach
Ron Dugans Wide Receivers Coach
David Johnson Running Backs Coach/Recruiting Coordinator
Tony Tokarz Quarterbacks Coach
Marcus Woodson Defensive Backs Coach/Defensive Passing Game Coordinator
Guy Lemonier, Jr. Graduate Assistant (Offense)
Antonio Rodriguez Graduate Assistant (Defense)
Cooper Williams Graduate Assistant (Offense)
Andrew Wilson Graduate Assistant (Defense)
Justin Crouse Director of Scouting (Defense)
John Garrett Director of Scouting (Offense)
Shane Burnham Senior Analyst (Defense)
Cortez Carter Senior Analyst (Defense)
Gabe Fertitta Senior Analyst (Offense)
Austin Tucker Senior Analyst (Offense)
Carter Barfield Analyst (Special Teams)
Greg Moss Analyst (Defense)
Bruce Warwick Associate Athletics Director for Football
Darrick Yray General Manager of Personnel
Jeff Kupper Director of Player Development and Operations
Chuck Cantor Director of Player Personnel
Ryan Bartow Director of High School Relations
Charity Grady Director of On-Campus Recruiting
Maddy McCormack Director of Recruiting Operations
Corey Fuller Director of Football Relations
Keiwan Ratliff Assistant Director of High School Relations
Adam Van Clay Director of Football Creative Content
Carol Moore Executive Assistant/Office Manager
Mike Gerzabek Director of Football Creative Video
Garrett Goodwin Coordinator of Creative Video
Mitchell Miller Assistant Director of Creative Media
Isaiah Phillip Coordinator of Player Development
Preston Brady Coordinator of Operations
TJ Bonasorte Recruiting Assistant
Jeremey Smith Recruiting Assistant
Michael Zerbe Recruiting Assistant
Ryals Lee Memorabilia Coordinator 850-644-1376
Licensing Position Phone
Katie Watt Pugh Director of Trademark Licensing 850-644-3141
Garrett O’Connor Assistant Director of Trademark Licensing 850-644-8690
Marketing Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-2550
Jason Dennard Associate Athletics Director for New Revenue Generation and Marketing 850-644-4397
Emme Logan Director of Marketing 850-644-8368
Bailey DeHart Assistant Director of Marketing 850-644-8623
Taylor Huddleston Marketing Assistant 850-644-1350
Staci Sutton Marketing Coordinator 850-644-8457
Media Relations Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-1403
Fax Number 850-644-3820
Chuck Walsh Deputy Director - Men's Basketball/Women's Golf 850-644-1077
Derek Satterfield Senior Associate Communications Director - Football 850-645-7683
Steve Stone Assistant Director - Women's Basketball/Men's Golf/Indoor Volleyball 850-644-4836
Bret Clein Assistant Director - Soccer, Softball and Beach Volleyball 850-644-1403
Steven McCartney Assistant Director - Football/Baseball 850-644-3920
Christa Salerno Assistant Director -Swimming and Diving/Cross Country/Football Media Coordinator 850-644-5653
Tim Hofmann SID Assistant -- Track & Field 850-644-2016
Memorabilia Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-1376
Ryals Lee Memorabilia Coordinator 850-644-1376
Men's Basketball Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-1461
Fax Number 850-644-6622
Leonard Hamilton Head Coach 850-644-1461
Stan Jones Associate Head Coach 850-644-1405
Steve Smith Assistant Coach 850-644-1461
R-Jay Barsh Assistant Coach 850-644-1461
Jarrod Lazarus Director of Basketball Operations 850-644-4613
Rob Bucher Men’s Basketball Video Coordinator 850-644-7903
Renee Andrews Special Assistant to the Head Coach 850-644-5229
Adam Balog Operations Assistant 850-644-1461
Men's Golf Position Phone
Fax Number 850-645-1689
Trey Jones Head Coach and Director of Golf 850-644-7289
Robert Duck Assistant Coach and Director of Player Development 850-228-9670
Jennifer Santiago Director of Golf Operations 850-644-1998
Men's Tennis Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-1893
Fax Number 850-644-3451
Dwayne Hultquist Head Coach 850-644-1738
Chris Doerr Assistant Coach
Aidan Carrazedo Volunteer Assistant Coach 801-709-4375
Haley Carter Director of Operations - Men's & Women's Tennis 850-645-7627
Personnel Position Phone
Charla Phinney Program Associate 850-644-0416
Danielle Koche Program Assistant 850-645-8923
Seminole Boosters
Seminole Productions Position Phone
Main Number 850-645-8433
Fax Number 850-644-2373
Kirby Kander Senior Director of Live Events 850-644-8036
Rob Levine Production Support 850-644-9577
Kyle Parsons Live Event Staff
Seminole Sports Cinema Position Phone
Michael Fertig Director 719-440-0386
Rafel Fortier Producer/Editor 850-274-8301
Anabel Daugherty Media Specialist 850-848-7068
Christopher Ahrendt Student Videographer 305-794-5806
Gillian Machado Student Editor 954-348-1343
Tyler Heminger Student Editor 321-505-6011
Morgan Moritz Student Videographer 941-357-6737
Seminole Sports Properties Position Phone
Caleb Swann General Manager 850-644-1733
Clerc Bertrand Senior Manager, Business Development 850-645-9188
Clint Cure Senior Manager, Business Development 850-645-3302
Scott Yacyshyn Manager, Business Development 850-645-7849
Kyle Lampis Senior Coordinator, Partnership Services 850-645-7850
Kevin Bell Coordinator, Partnership Services 850-645-7850
Blake Osting Social Content Specialist
Soccer Position Phone
Main Number 850-645-7205
Fax Number 850-645-8978
Brian Pensky Head Coach
Nathan Minion Director of Soccer Operations 850-645-3200
Andrew Hudson Volunteer Assistant Coach
Softball Position Phone
Fax Number 850-645-3201
Lonni Alameda Head Coach
Travis Wilson Assistant Coach
Troy Cameron Assistant Coach
Kaleigh Rafter Volunteer Assistant Coach
Kristin Tubeck Director of Operations 850-644-9594
Spirit Groups Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-2550
Fax Number 850-644-7851
Cristina Gold Director of Spirit Groups and Head Cheer Coach 850-644-8457
Chasity Tyus Golden Girls Head Coach
Sports Medicine Position Phone
Scott Trulock Director of Sports Medicine 850-644-2139
Jerry Latimer Executive Associate Director of Sports Medicine - Director of Athletic Rehabilitation 850-228-5738
Josh Chatman Head Football Trainer 850-644-7038
Alicea Taylor Mezza Assistant Athletic Trainer; Football 850-228-7174
Alora Sullivan Athletic Trainer - Soccer & Training Room Inventory 850-228-7174
Tyler Webb Assistant Athletic Trainer; Football 813-770-9617
Logan Speicher Athletic Trainer; Track 813-270-0328
Eunice Hernandez Assistant Athletic Trainer; Softball 850-694-2086
Brandon Stone Athletic Trainer – BS/MGF & Drug Testing Coordinator 850-645-1968
Nicole Lowery Assistant Athletic Trainer: Women's Basketball 850-384-1632
Damon Edmond Athletic Trainer; Men's Basketball 904-466-3255
Julia Giampaolo French Insurance Coordinator 850-728-5021
Dr. Keely Kaklamanos Director of Athletic Clinical and Sports Psychology and Athlete Mental Health 850-228-0252
Michael Bressi Graduate Athletic Trainer; Football 850-273-9178
Aileen Moore Graduate Athletic Trainer; Beach Volleyball 850-296-5603
Cayce Marlatt Graduate Athletic Trainer – Swim & Dive 850-296-4955
Timothy Ebener Sports Medicine
Sports Nutrition Position Phone
Jaden Hamil Director of Performance Nutrition
Jaclyn Atwater Nutrition
Strength and Conditioning Position Phone
Elisa Angeles Director of Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning 850-644-2549
Josh Storms Director of Football Strength and Conditioning
Lanier Coleman Senior Associate Director of Football Strength & Conditioning
Tom Farniok Associate Director of Football Strength & Conditioning
Nick Dowdy Senior Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Darrion Jones Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Jackson Schafer Director of Sports Science
Erik Myyra Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Bailey Victoria Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Shannon Phillips Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Mike Bradley Strength and Conditioning Coach - Men's Basketball 850-644-2681
Jamie Burleson Strength & Conditioning Coach - Baseball
Stephen Parker Strength and Conditioning-Men's and Women's Swimming, Men's and Women's Golf 850-559-2487
Dave Plettl Strength and Conditioning Coach - Women's Basketball 850-644-4716
Student-Athlete Development Position Phone
Sarah Petronio Director of Student-Athlete Development and Events 850-645-8378
Aaron Tillman Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Development 850-228-8418
Swimming/Diving Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-5946
Fax Number 850-645-8652
Neal Studd Head Coach
John Proctor Head Diving Coach 850-228-6349
Athena Miller Associate Head Coach - Swimming and Diving
Dan Carrington Assistant Swimming Coach 850-228-7005
Steve Wood Assistant Swimming Coach 239-784-9508
Matthew Gearing Assistant Swimming Coach 937-681-9595
Technology Services Position Phone
Main Number 850-645-8677
After-Hours Support 850-260-0599
Justin Jacobs Director of Information Technology Services 850-644-6651
Eric Mundt IT Manager 850-645-3742
Gordon Martell IT Support Specialist 850-645-1205
Jorge Pana IT Support Specialist 850-645-1204
Frecks Bertrand IT Support Assistant
Evan Dunlap IT Support Assistant
Xander Jean IT Support Assistant
Michael Styron IT Support Assistant
Ticket Office Position Phone
Jack Chatham Assistant Athletics Director of Ticket Operations and Service 850-644-1830
Matt Rudd Sr. Director of Ticket Operations 850-644-0969
Jonathan DeMott Director of Ticket Operations 850-645-4941
Joe Garcia Associate Director of Ticket Operations 850-644-9794
Jake Wolber Ticket Operations Coordinator 850-644-7004
Membership Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-1830
Mark Cameron Senior Director of Membership 850-645-9770
George Seliga Manager of Membership 850-645-9585
Justin Schaefer Premium Account Executive - Membership 850-645-9587
Nicole Sullivan Manager of Ticket Sales & Service 850-644-0503
Andrew Pope Sr. Account Executive – Membership 850-645-9771
Danielle Friedel Account Executive – Membership 850-645-0187
Ryan Agcaoili-Mullins Account Executive – Membership 850-645-2613
Jahangir Khan Account Executive – Membership 850-645-7386
Kacie Juday Account Executive- Membership 850-644-1835
Track and Field/Cross Country Position Phone
Bob Braman Head Coach Track & Field/Men's & Women's Cross Country 850-645-1250
Ricky Argro Assistant Coach (Men's Sprints) 850-228-3199
Matt Kane Assistant Coach (Women's Sprints/Hurdlers) 850-524-8552
Alex Midgett Assistant Coach (Women's Cross Country/Distance) 904-312-1332
Doug Reynolds Assistant Coach (Throws)
Leevan Sands Assistant Coach (Jumps) 850-443-6287
Dillon Yearby Director of Operations
Ian Frazier Operations Assistant
Rachel Leonard Operations Assistant
Jared Schatz Operations Assistant
Varsity Club Position Phone
Betsy Hosey Director 850-644-1123
Volleyball Position Phone
Chris Poole Head Coach 850-644-3796
Jeff Hulsmeyer Associate Head Coach 850-644-1895
Lindsay Allman Associate Head Coach 850-567-4437
Devynn Merriman Director of Volleyball Operations
Women's Basketball Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-3641
Fax Number 850-644-9570
Brooke Wyckoff Head Coach
Bill Ferrara Associate Head Coach
Craig Carter Assistant Coach
Morgan Toles Assistant Coach
Melissa Bruner Director of Basketball Operations 850-644-6959
Adam Surguine Director of Scouting and Analytics
Dave Plettl Strength and Conditioning Coach - Women's Basketball 850-644-4716
Becca Moore Director of Recruiting Operations 850-644-2936
Women's Golf Position Phone
Fax Number 850-645-3101
Amy Bond Head Coach 850-644-7290
Robert Duck Assistant Coach and Director of Player Development 850-228-9670
Jennifer Santiago Director of Golf Operations 850-644-1998
Women's Tennis Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-1893
Fax Number 850-644-3451
Jennifer Hyde Head Coach 850-644-1092
Mark Ardizzone Associate Head Coach 850-644-1099
Giulia Pairone Volunteer Assistant Coach
Haley Carter Director of Operations - Men's & Women's Tennis 850-645-7627